Insane After a Hurricane: South Florida Hurricane Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services

South Florida Hurricane Damage

It has been a hard month here in Florida. I have been working with a restoration company for almost a decade (I am now a crew supervisor) and have never seen entire neighborhoods knocked down like this. Despite the heavy workload, this has been the most rewarding time in my career.

The storm damage is mind-boggling. At one home in Fort Myers, we had to remove enough debris from the driveway and front lawn to clear a path so that we could unload our truck and roll the equipment in place. As we set-up a pump to remove the standing water, I checked the storm drains to make sure we had a place to send it. The gutter entry was clogged, but fortunately, there was a manhole nearby, and we had enough hose on the truck to use it.

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The water had been in the home for four days before us arriving on site. Unfortunately, that meant all of the paper (books and newspapers for example) in the house was a pile of soggy pulp. Several upholstered pieces of furniture had bled their colors into the water where it stained the drywall and wood paneling in the living and dining rooms.

We could not save those items, but my crew quickly removed the rest of the furniture from home and set it on wooden pallets we brought with us. It helped to kick-start the drying process for these larger pieces of furniture.

The color from the upholstery also stained the carpets in the home. My technicians from Punta Gorda, Fl removed them all and the pads underneath. Eventually, we were able to clean a few of the area rugs, but we disposed of the rest of it. At first, the owner balked at the idea, he had paid a lot for what was a nice carpet; but quickly changed his mind after his insurance company told him they would write a check for replacement and not a dime extra for further restoration efforts.

These were just our first efforts, but that home is now put back together enough so the owner can live there again and not in a motel. If you are still dealing with the effects of the recent hurricane, please contact a professional restoration company. It is the safest and best way to return your home to its pre-loss condition.

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